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Customize your Browser Organization in Revit

This post will show you how to customize your Revit Browser Organization.
One of the most important points for designing successfully with revit is that we have to control the Browser Organization very well.

■ When you start a Revit project file, your Browser Organization should be very clean and plain as shown here:

It is good to be simple and clean, but when you work with a large and complex project that involves many architects and engineers then you need something else for sure.

■ Our goal now is to set up the Browser so it can classify Views (or Sheets) to proper Group (folder), for example, we will need a set for “Working in Progress” views separately from a set only for Printing, then we may need a set for original default views. The result could be as shown in the picture:

■ Moreover, you can set the default Group for any views by assigning the value in View Template (manually or automatedly by Dynamo).
Now we ready to start.

STEP 1: Prepare Global Parameters.
Navigate to the tab “Manage” ► then click “Global Parameters” in the group Setting.
Create parameter as shown:

Hit OK then Set the value for the global parameter as shown:

Hit OK then repeat to make one more global parameter including its value as shown:

Navigate to the tab “Manage” ► then click “Project Parameters” in the group Setting.
► Click “Add” to create parameter as shown:

You need to pick the category Sheets and Views.
Now you complete the important preparations and ready to move to the next steps.

Navigate to Project Browser then right-click on “View” for starting customize your browser organization as shown:

Now return to browser, choose desired views then assigning them to proper group in Browser:
In this case we assign revit default views to the group 001 – ORIGINAL one we create before.

Now all the views are sorted to the right position:

I recommend that you reserve these views for your printing sheets only. Now we can move to the next step for creating views of the set “Working in Progress”.

Now we duplicate views that can be use for working rather than printing:

After duplicate Views, assigning Group for them:

Now all of your Views were sorted to proper Groups.

What if you do not have plenty of time to practice ► download our sample revit file then transfer all parameters / views to your template. Next time we will show you how to set up View template so your views can be sorted out automatically to proper Group in Browser Organization.

Download (ZIP, 1.18MB)

Thank you for reading.
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